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Car HDTV Tuner Digital TV Receiver Automobile DTV box

Car HDTV Tuner Digital TV Receiver Automobile DTV box

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Car HDTV Tuner ATSC MULTI PLP Digital TV Receiver automobile DTV box

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  • Most car Head unit, TV, or monitor with RCA connector AV input
  • Please check the frequency to see if it is compatible with OTA TV in your area.
  • Need battery CR2032 (not included)
  • This one can be used in North America.

Main Features:

  • Get OTA HDTV in your car
  • New model with better reception capability, high speed
  • How many channels you get depends on your location  



  1. DIP type of ATSC-T module
  2. Frequency Range(UHF:473MHz^803MHz \ VHF:57MHz^213ZHz)
  1. Size:39.9(W)*38(L)*4.8(T)mm
  2. UART/IR Remote Control Interface
  3. Full Compliance with ATSC-T Standards
  4. Advanced signal processing
  5. Analog AV output,HDMI output
  6. Voltage input +3.3V,+1.8V


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